BSc II Zoology Evolution

BSC II Zoology
Paper II - Evolution and Zoogeography
These notes were prepared by Deeksha Chaudhary, a student of Sri Varshney College, Aligarh, BSc II, Zoology, Session 2018-19. These notes are based on classroom instruction and some matter has been added after self-study. The images used are shared under the creative commons licence (free to reuse).
Click on any heading below. The notes will open as a pdf file. We strongly suggest that you SHOULD NOT take print outs. Taking notes helps in learning. 
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   2.  Mutation Theory
   3.   Darwin’s Theory
   4.  Synthetic Theory
   6.  Fossils

Frequently Asked Questions 
1. What is included in this section ?
Ans. It includes the class notes in Zoology Paper II. These notes were prepared by Deeksha Chaudhary, a student of BSc II of Sri Varshney College, Aligarh. 
2. Why are hand written notes given instead of typed matter ? 
Ans. Students will write the answers in their own handwriting in the exam. Hand written matter is more useful in this context.
 Hand written notes are given to help understand the following 
a. How to use multiple colours in  preparing your answer. :
b. How to draw diagrams. 
c. How to use white space.
d. The need to leave margins. These are to used to add matter and diagrams later.
3.  How to use this content?
a. Click on the links .
b. The matter will open as a pdf file.  
c. You can make notes/ take a print out of the notes.
4. Why were these notes selected?
Ans. These notes were selected because
a. She has good hand writing.
b. Her work is a good example of note making techniques like - use of heading, use of multiple colours, labelling on one side of the diagram, etc.
c. She makes fewer mistakes compared to other students.
5. Is this work perfect? Do I need to study form other books?
Ans. Nothing in this world is perfect!  Of course you need to study from other books. Remember that there is no substitute of hard work and 'books are your best friends'. These notes are just one of the many tolls that you can refer and read to advance your understanding of the subject.

Remember - Appealing work is more about good habits - start cultivating them today. 


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