Phylum -   Chordata
Class      - Mammalia   Skin with hair.
Order    - Carnivora     Carnasial teeth present.
Genus    - Panthera     Roaring animals of the cat family.

Species  - tigris            Black strips on body.

Common name - Tiger             Hindi name       - Bagh
The tiger is an Apex predator. It is endangered because of international trade in it's body parts that are used in Chinese medicine.

 Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2c/An_Indian_tiger_in_the_wild._Royal%2C_Bengal_tiger_%2827466438332%29.jpg

In the image of the tiger given above you should note

1. Pink tipped nose (Characteristic of the cat family).
2. Split upper lip.
3. Vibrissae on upper lip.
4. Golden yellow (Dorsal and lateral sides) coat with black strips.
5. White belly with black strips.
6. Black rings on tail.

Besides these the tiger has retractable claws and white spots behind the ears which are not visible in this picture.