IPR Workshop 2018-19

S. V. College, Aligarh
Uttar Pradesh
Report of One day Workshop on IPR

A workshop on Intellectual Property Rights was organized in the department of Law in collaboration with IQAC, S. V. College, Aligarh on 18-09-2018, Tuesday. The topic of the workshop was “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).” Prof. Zafar Mahfooz Nomani from the Faculty of Law, AMU, Aligarh was the chief resource person and Dr. Shah Raziq Khalid Assoc. prof., Dept. of law, S. V. College, Aligarh was another resource person. The workshop was co-ordinated by Dr. Farid Khan (Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Law, S.V. College).  
The work shop was inaugurated by Dr. Pankaj Varshney, Principal, S. V. College, he stressed the importance of IPR in the form of copy rights, patents trade makes in today’s world. Dr. Farid Khan welcomed the resource persons and participants. He gave a brief introduction about the importance and necessity of IPR in the field of education and industry and its role in fostering a culture of innovation.
The workshop was conducted in two sessions. The first session was presided over by Prof. S. C. Tiwari (Assoc. Prof., Mathematics Dept.) in his presidential address he spoke about one of the aspects of IPR i.e. patent. A patent is a right granted to an inventor by the Govt. A patent permits the inventor to exclude others from making, selling or using his invention without his permission.

Professor Nomani explained the importance of IPR in the field of Education in general and higher education in particular. He mentioned several instances in which the copyright was not respected. Later when the violation of copy rights was found, the person who had violated the copy right had to suffer the consequences of his actions. He also explained that to save oneself from charges of violation of copy right one has to cite the link or resources from where he/she has sourced their content and scrupulously adhere to accepted rules of good academic conduct.
The second and the last session of the workshop was presided over by Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Associate Professor and Head of Department, Hindi Dept. He spoke about the Trademarks such as symbols, words or works registered or established by user as representing a company or production in the form of logo, emblem, sign, stamp, symbol, dance, phrase etc. being the mark of its identification in a product or when used by itself only.
Dr. Shah Raziq Khalid spoke about Trademarks (TM) and Geographical Indication (GI). He described various forms of Trademarks and copyrights such as literary work, musical, dramatic, choreography, audio, video, and art work. He also threw light on their importance for an educationist.

Dr. Seema Yadav, HOD, Dept. of Law, provided the necessary infrastructure and facilities for the workshop. There were 37 teacher and over 150 student participants in the workshop. The participants greatly benefitted by the deliberations in the workshop and were able to clear many of their doubts. During the discussion it was felt that the institution must establish an IPR cell to further strengthen the creation, communication and understanding of IPR issues.
                                                                                                            Dr. Farid Khan
  Coordinator, IPR Workshop


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