Draco - The Flying Lizard

Phylum - Chordata  -     Notochord, Dorsal Nerve cord and post anal tail present
Class -     Reptilia    -     Body covered with scales
Order -    Squamata  -     Includes both lizards and scales
Genus -    Draco

Draco is incorrectly referred to as the flying lizard.  It is not capable of powered flight. It climbs to heights and jumps in air. Its wing like structures help it to glide in air. It should therefore be called the "Gliding lizard." 

Source: Wikipedia
Look at the image above and identify the following

1)  Patagium between the fore limbs and hind limbs - it helps the animal to glide in air.
2) The patagium is supported by ribs.
3) Gular pouch below the neck.
4) Lappets on either side of the neck.
5) Long whip like tail.

Here is an excellent video on YouTube by BBC about Draco 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a94DNeLh6r0

Vikas Yadav 
Associate Professor
Dept. Of Zoology